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Today, I am..


A couple of months ago, when I was first coming back to the church, I really wanted to learn about Christ. That seemed to be my number one objective. I wanted to know about his life, the sacrifice he made for us, and what He means to me. In an unconnected event, I decided to read the Book of Mormon. I’ve already posted a little about that, if you recall. But what I want to talk about now is the fact that this book is a true and full testament of Christ. It’s incredible. Every page shouts a message of hope and peace at me. It promises me so many wonderful blessings. It soothes my soul and calms my pounding heart. It makes me want to spout dramatic and cliche phrases- so I do.

I truly love it. I am still behind on my challenge- more so than I would like to admit- but I am finding it over and over again. It keeps touching me in different ways, sending me new awe-inspiring messages. It fills me with a love I didn’t know I had. It is inspiring, motivating, and shocking. I am learning so much.

Christ lives. He is our Savior, and this November.. He’s what I’m really thankful for.



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