nanowri… year?

I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo. But I really like the book I was working on anyway. Here’s a little treat. This is how my book started.


The building was huge and gray. It was very old, dusty and creaky, yet it didn’t seem to be falling apart at all. It was sturdy. The windows on most of the floors were boarded up, and the only place it seemed to let in any light was the top floor. There were no rats, no bugs, no living thing inside- the true definition of abandoned. But it was intriguing. There was an air of mystery about the place, the idea that it had a story to tell. It always seemed to be watching, waiting, almost sadly. There was no telling when someone had last opened the front door to freshen it up. It was even impossible to tell what the building had once been. It just stood there, a silent sentinel, on a hill away from the city.

She knew all of this about the building, but what she didn’t know is what she could find inside. She had grand ideas about treasure, money, and fame. She had been inside once before, when she found a small opening between the boards on a ground-floor window. They were chasing her, and she hid there, watching, until They were gone. The moment she couldn’t see or hear Them anymore, she had let out an explosive breath and turned to see where she was hiding. When she turned away from the window, however, she let out a small scream. She was certain she had gone blind. The blackness was so perfect, so inky and complete, that absolutely nothing of her saving grace could be seen. She slipped back out the window as easily as she had entered, and she ran.

Back in town, she had asked about the building. How long has it been there? Who built it? What was it for? No one had any answers for her. It had been there as long as they could remember, nobody had gone inside, it just was. Like the Ruler, or the Laws, or Them. It just was. Every word she heard drew her deeper and deeper into the mystery of it. She knew she had to go back in, had to see what was inside. There was no one to stop her. They might try, but she knew how to handle Them. She’d been avoiding Them her whole life, and she wasn’t worried about getting past Them now. She had everything she needed- except light.

There was no way to get light from the city- it was never dark, even indoors. Light came from the Laws, and They enforced the laws, so the city could not be dark. She was not part of the Laws, however, so she could not get the light. She had to borrow it. She had heard of a great, roaring, orange light before. There were some old ones in the city who claimed to remember such things. Such things as darkness, and pushing buttons or flipping switches to get light, even if you did not follow the Laws. It seemed preposterous to her, pushing a button to get light. But she knew that they were not senile, and they did not lie, because they still had light. She went to them, begging for the secret of light that she could carry in her pocket, light that was separate from the Laws, light that she could control. Many of them laughed, told her that it was impossible, pure light had died long ago. But one man, a very old, very wise man, simply looked at her thoughtfully.

“You can’t have the light, can you, girl?”

“No. I was not born in the Laws.”

“Yes, yes, I remember. You are alone. Why do you need light? The city has plenty. Surely you have never even seen darkness?” Here he looked at her, a knowing spark in his eyes, a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth.

“You ask many questions, old man. I wonder if you even know about the light you claim to have seen.”
He laughed outright at this, and continued laughing until tears streamed down his face. After a time, his laughter slowed, and he looked thoughtfully at her again.

“You are a feisty girl. I like you. You want light for your exploring, don’t you? Your adventures took you somewhere our light did not reach. Those who have seen darkness always have a different look about them. You can tell.” Here he paused. She did not know what to say, so she said nothing. He studied her, and she him, and eventually he sighed. “I can give you this light. But you will have to be cautious. If They see it, or you tell another living soul, the pure light will be destroyed- along with both you and I. I have kept this light safe for many years, and it will not do to have a tough young creature send it to its ruination. Can you protect the light? Even with your own life?”


Delicious, or disgusting? Only time will tell. This book might be called something cheesy, like ‘Into the Darkness’ or ‘Out of the Light.’ It might also be called something deep and profound that I have yet to discover. Only time will tell.

I hope to continue working on this book. Of course, I’m not great at finishing projects, so we’ll see. But I dig it, anyway.

So there’s a few thoughts, what was running through my head. Bon appetit.

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