scrub a dub.

I wash away the pain and lonely with classic rock and some creative thinking…

Or writing. I tell myself stories of grandeur, where everything is an adventure and I always come out on top. Whether I learn to fight and bust my way out of a kidnappers lair, or I pick up spanish to learn where I’ve got to go next, I overcome every obstacle. Nothing can stand in my way. I always know exactly what to say or do. I am smart, fast, beautiful, and strong. I kick butt. Serious butt, too. Not like a squirrel.. I’m not even sure I could win a fight against a squirrel right this second. I think it would win. But I mean like drug cartel- murderous thieves- kidnapping masterminds butt. I do it, every time. They’ve got nothing on me.. Because I’m everything I wish I was. And then, before you know it, the hurt is buried real deep, and I’m singing along to Ozzy and Pink Floyd and all those radio men who know just what I need to hear. And for that drive, I’m her. That girl I make up stories about. Confident, tough, sassy, clever. Everything I wish I could be. She’s perfect, and at least for this song, for this story, I can be perfect, too.

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