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2012 Resolutions


Take the Sacrament

Read the Book of Mormon

Get a new job

Rock momentum upside down

Write. Write. Write.

Read 1 book a month

Get a new CTR ring

Constantly try to better myself, don’t just vegetate.



I think it’s a pretty good list, but I might be biased. I didn’t want to make a resolution that was really specific, like work out three times a week no matter what, or things like that- except for the reading. I don’t usually keep resolutions like that, but I know I can do the book one.. Because it’s something I regret not doing more last year. This year is about becoming the best me I possibly can- hopefully through helping others become better. That would be cool. I want to be someone that everyone wants to be around. I’m getting closer to that, but I know I’m not there yet. Everyone makes mistakes. I just want mine to be not as big as they have been.

So there’s the plan. Become better. Easy, right? (: I guess we’ll see. Life’s an adventure, I think I wanna take it full swing.


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