About Me

My name is Stellar. Stellar is who I am. I am a girl, a lover, a fighter. I am a dreamer of dreams, singer of songs, dancer of dances. I love sunshine and rainclouds, winter and summer, bold and mild. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, bowl of ice cream, or nap.

I am a survivor. I have survived abandonment, hopelessness, mistakes. I survived losing my best friend to suicide. I survived being left at a young age by my biological mother. And I survived my own destructive tendencies.

I am hopeful for the future.

I believe in karma, love, and peace. I believe in the potential of good in all people. I may not be the smartest girl alive, but I know what I know. And I feel that could make a difference.

I believe in God, with all my heart and soul. I am finding Him again, through the Mormon church. I believe I am very spiritual. I pray often, and I see God everywhere in my life. I am a firm believer in Heaven and Angels.

“Maybe it’s not too late.. To learn how to love.. And forget how to hate..” Some Ozzy to get you in the mood. (:

And finally: Welcome! I hope you’ve learned a little about me, understand where I’m at in life. Enjoy your stay at my little slice of the internet. (:

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