John Bytheway Devotional- Sep. 9


1. Moroni 10:31   Awake! (2 Nep 1:13, Isaiah 52:1, Alm 32, Jac 3:11, Mosiah 2:40)

(Awake and arise from the dust)

Spiritually awaken- Alarm clock

Snooze (procrastination)

Amulek- Alma 10(6)

Brigham Young- Living beneath our privileges

Would not vs Could not [I would not listen.]

Robert Louis Stevenson- Weakness

Mosiah 3:19

McConkie- We’re in Sat. night, Sun. H.F. will come [We are living in the Saturday night of time, and Sunday morning the Lord will come. Are we prepared?]

Benson- Potential spir. giants

2.  Proverbs 4:26   Ponder the path [of thy feet]

Feet: How we live, personal direction

Psalms 119:105 Scripts light the way

Patr. blessing- Scripture for you

Elaine Jack- Pat. Bl. road map for your walk

Lord’s mission statement: Mos 1:49

Satan’s: 2 Nep 2:27 Misery

Lily Tomin- Be specific [I always said I wanted to be somebody. I guess I should have been more specific.]

James 3:4- Rudder

Go right at the waves

D&C 123:16

3. Alm 43:33 Improve our Time

D&C 68:31 Idlers D&C 75:29, 42:42

Ezek 16:49 Idle brain, devils playground

–>Pres. Hinckley Discipline is weak<— Nov ’79

Stephen Covey 7 Habits

Brigham Young Your time is property [of the Lord- don’t waste it]

Kimball Resume our Journey

4. Moses 1:39 This is my work

Ug Mandino    Not created for idleness

D.O. McKay Privilege to work

Hinckley- Inherently lazy- Work matters

See man on mt he didn’t fall there [The man on top of the mountain did not fall there!]

Processionary Caterpillars- Confused activity with accomplishment

Geo… Shaw- True joy, used for purpose

Moses 2:31 “… were very good” Appreciated it

Longfellow … Toiling upward in the night [Heights by great men reached and kept were not obtained by sudden flight but, while their companions slept, they were toiling upward in the night.]

Attitude is vital! Thatcher, you did it!

5. 1 Nep 3:7 I will go and do

Time to ponder, time to produce

M.G. Romney Move our feet (steer parked car)

J.H. Groberg Move unless feel it’s wrong

                        (What is your mission^)

1 Nep 4:6 Led, NOT knowing

Didn’t get yes, but didn’t get NO

John 7:17- Live it             Luke 17:13-14

Steve Chandler Fatigue from not finishing

(William James)- eternal hanging on

LDS- Let’s do something!

MD Hanks … Then get up & go, help someone

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