Sep 11, 2011- Church

Faith & Repentance

Hebr 11:1 Things not seen

Acts 4:12 Only salvation through Christ

“Relying completely on him”

Alma 7:11-12 Take peoples problems on himself

Faith is not passive, express through action

Faith motivates to be like Christ

Understand temptations

“Peace with God through Christ”

Faith is a gift; like a muscle

Individual obedience

-Scripts & prophets

Faith is not a perfect knowledge

Become one through atonement

Priesthood & blessings

1 Faith leads to 2 repentance

Author of our salvation

Change of heart

1 Faith

2 Sorrow

3 Confession

4 Abandon sin

5 Rest

6 Righteous living

Obedience= strength

Procrastination… ):

Ask for help!

Peace of mind


The Holy Ghost


Unity w/ Father and Son

Testifier of ^

Gift given @baptism

Constant companion- if worthy

John 14, 1 Nep 17


Train ourselves to  hear/ respond

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