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It is so hard to be disappointed.
There is a plethora of things to disappoint us in this life- big and small.

I am disappointed my hair didn’t turn out quite like I wanted it today.

I’m also disappointed I’m not engaged.

I remember, about a year ago, maybe a little less.. I was sure I would be engaged by summer. I just knew that I would be. Imagine my disappointment, then, when mere months later that illusion was shattered. Everything changed, my fairy tale was torn apart.

I was hurt. I was devastated, and miserable, and sure I would never be happy again. Even now, I know I’m jaded, and a little bit ruined. But I am getting better. I am strong, and I know what I deserve, and I am working hard to understand- and be content with- the way things worked out. I know I am better off right now, and that I am where I am for a reason. It’s not hard to see the benefits that have come from this shattering experience.

Just knowing it’s right isn’t always enough, however. We have to hit that realization for ourselves, believe it’s right, know without a shadow of a doubt that we are where we belong. And that is a hard truth to face.

Getting your hopes up for the way you think things ought to be is a dangerous road to travel. More often than not, you will be disappointed. But sometimes…

Sometimes, you will have wonderful people there to help carry you when your legs get weak. My best friend is an angel, supporting me when I feel like falling, lending me hope when I’m filled with despair, giving me strength when I want to give up. Merely knowing she is on my side makes me feel invincible, like I can overcome any wild disparity in my hopes that I may encounter.

Life is filled with disappointments. It makes me think of my own when I see those of others. But I know that if I can overcome a broken spirit and hardening heart, then so can anyone else- even you.

Even you.


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